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Experimental Bike Lock
This is an experimental bike lock created by a German team of engineers. They say it is the safest bike lock in the world! Essentially the lock works like this. It acts as a bike stand mount, and I assume it can be mounted not just to poles but a bunch of different things. Once mounted on the pole and the bike attached by the frame, the device locks to the bike and slides up the pole out of the reach to the thieves. I don't know if this is going to be made, as the video is in German, but it seems like an awesome idea!
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Not really practical for personal use, but it would be cool to see a city develop an underground storage system with this kind of tech!
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@AnthonyB I'm with you on this one
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Interesting. What happens when it runs out of power?
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@troygreene84 Didn't think about that, hahaha
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