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If the girl of your relationship is looking to do something really a bit over the top (and gorgeous), but the guy is looking for something a little more casual, this is the perfect couple cosplay for you guys! First off, Belldandy and Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess have a really adorable relationship. Sure, it starts on the premise that she has no choice but to stay, but I think it's clear that over time her contract is pretty much null and void, but she chooses to stay with Keiichi anyways because she loves him! Who doesn't want to cosplay a couple that's actually in love? I'd say that the Belldandy costume might be a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, depending which version you choose (her standard blue goddess outfit is most popular) but Keiichi is more like a 1 or 2 "I can basically do this out of my close!" cosplay! Good luck. Enjoy this cosplayers' photos for inspiration! (also, sorry I couldn't actually find more couple shots! This just shows that there are an abundance of Belldandy cosplayers, but not very many that have a cute Keiichi at their side! Fix that!!!) 1: Belldandy & Keiichi Couple 2&3: Stunning Belldandy Cosplay -> 4: Belldandy & Keiichi Couple 5: Belldandy Cosplayer -> Belldandy will be the real show stopper with this one!
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Holy moly the detail on #2 , #3 is soooo much higher than the other cosplay wa
@amog32 Oops, fixed it. Thanks.
@amog32 But the girls get to loook sooooo much prettier, so isn't it worth it? lol
I almost feel like it's unfair. The girl has to do so much work, and he so little. Also, I think you accidentally left some extra numbers on the card @vulpix