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I recently saw this online and thought it would be a great idea to recreate this sandal for saturday lunch date. It's fairly easy! All you need is a grosgrain ribbon (in white or off white) and a t-strap sandal. To make: 1. Tie a bow. 2. In order to keep the cut edge from fraying, you can add fray check along the edge, or simply roll the edges two times and sew with a straight stitch. 3. Then, add a little dab of glue, either e-6000 or a hot glue gun, and glue onto the sandal.
Wow. You have so many cute DIYs! Need to try them all (8
Saving this for my spring break project.
I buy most of my basic sandals at Cathy Jean shoes and I used to always complain how bland they look. This would do the trick!
Too adorable! I might get this done with a pair of heels
I can't help but notice how pretty those feet are. I'll try this out once I find a white t-strap sandal.