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As much as I expected this video to be completely horrible (because it was created by BuzzFeed), I'm happy to say it's not! Instead, we get a really cool glimpse of why two people cosplay. While everyone's story is different, it's so true that cosplay is almost like a way of finding a place of acceptance. Cosplay helps you connect with some people who love what you love. If I see someone cosplaying a character I love, I'm instantly thrilled to go say hi, and ask to snap a photo! Why do you love to cosplay?
I remember when I first saw this clip. I also thought it was going to tease cosplayers, considering some of the other shows that came out around that time, but really, it does a great job of showing why two different people like cosplaying. It's weird to think but cosplay has actually become pretty mainstream popular, especially within internet cultures.
I feel like I used to be like the guy who was really really shy, but after going to conventions (I still don't cosplay much....) I don't feel that bad about being into what I'm into!!! There's load of other people who are into it, too!
@amog32 I mean, nerd culture in general is getting strangely popular. The nerd is in. @somnia Yeah! So many people!
This makes me want to cosplay more this is so inspiring.