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It is definitely hard to choose the perfect spot to fish in Indonesia, a country blessed with five big islands and thousands of islets scattered around the archipelago. So we narrow it down by location from west to east and here are the top five spots that we recommended. Weh Island, Aceh Other then being famous for diving, Weh is also popular among many anglers. Easily accessible from Banda Aceh, you will need approximately one hour to reach the island by boat. There is no specific location where you must fish since most locations available around the island offer various types of fish. The facilities around Weh are also very good and varied so you can pick one that suits your budget. Whether you prefer on or offshore fishing, it’s nothing but fun. Some tour agents also offer fishing packages for small or large groups. Weh Island also enables you to try catch an extremely rare Megamouth Shark that appeared last year. But as a good angler, be sure to release them back to the sea if you catch one. Thousand Islands As the name suggests – though there aren’t exactly 1,000 islands there – it is the best place to do fishing since you have so many options. Not only is the location is easy to reach, approximately a two-hour boat trip from Jakarta, but you can also pick your preferred island to cast your lure. Some of the recommended ones include the Tiger Island, Bokor Island and Pari Island. A couple of years ago some of the islets in the area have been specially developed for tourism, so you could easily arrange for a place to stay. More good news: you can do on or offshore fishing. As for offshore fishing, many of the rented boats are equipped with GPS or Fish Finders Navigation system; a very good choice for beginners. Alor Island As the largest island in the Alor Archipelago, Alor Island is exquisitely beautiful for travelers aiming to get the best runaway destination. As for fishing, there are many recommended spots nearby that are mainly offshore. To get there, you can fly with chartered planes from Kupang in East Nusa Tenggara or, if you prefer a slower pace, hop on a boat. One thing that should be noted, the waves and currents in this particular sea are very high, so it’s highly recommended that you travel with a local guide or book a travel agent that offers fishing tours. Since the depth of the sea is around 3,000 meters, you can get bigger fish compared to the other location. The most popular fish that you can find here are Dogtooth Tuna. Bulu Poloe Island, South Sulawesi If you have the chance to visit the eastern part of Indonesia such as Sulawesi, this particular island is the one to look for. It’s not easy to reach, you will spend 8 to 10 hours getting from Makassar to Malili in East Luwu, South Sulawesi, and another hour to reach the island by boat. But the trip is worth it, especially if you have the opportunity to catch multiple fish there. One thing that you need to know about this island is that there are no facilities or electricity since it is still uninhabited. So you need to be prepared and make sure that you bring enough food and a tent if you decide to spend the night. But if you come here to fish, make sure to start in the morning and get back to Malili before dawn. Biak Islands, Papua With its clear water and white sandy beach, Biak Island is one of the most popular islands for tourists visiting Papua. For fishing purposes, the island is highly recommended, since the sea is usually calm and many anglers have already scoped out the best places. With respect to facilities, while they are still in development, they are quite. In the past, there was even a route to Biak from Los Angeles in the United States via Honolulu, but now the airport only has national routes served by three airlines. During the high season, you might not get a place to stay since all the hotels or lodgings will be fully booked, so make sure to plan your trip beforehand.