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I've always loved the idea of doing a thru-hike and documenting the experience so that I could revisit it later. But, I hate the idea of having to actually film something worth watching while trying to enjoy my hike! So, I really love this video. Rather than film the whole thing, the entire PCT thru-hike is cut down to about three second clips that showcase different points throughout the trail. I'm not sure if this person filmed the whole thing or not, but it's a nice change from the 1 hr+ videos I'm used to seeing! If I do invest in trying to film a thru-hike, I'd look to incorporate a style more like this one!
I wish I had the dedication to do a thur hike, or to make any sort of film.
I just don't want to bring a camera at all. Totally appreciate others who bring theirs, though.
I'm impressed that even in 3 second clips it took 7 minutes. How many days did this probably take? How many shots are from each day?
@happyrock I can't agree more. I really enjoy watching hiking documentaries, but I can't help but feel like making one really just gets in the way of the hike. This, though, wouldn't really cause that! Though battery issue would still be a problem.