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Give your basic ponytail some flair with a bow. You don't even need a ribbon for this because you'll be making it from your very own hair. Click through the image to see how or read below for instruction. 1. Comb your hair and make sure it's detangled. 2. Then scrunch it into a ponytail. 3. Grab about an inch of hair and spritz some hairspray to tame fly-aways. 4. Using a small elastic, holding the section of hair through the elastic to create first loop. 5. Tighten the elastic and add the other end of the same piece of hair to create the second loop. 6. Use the remaining hair (from the section) to cover your elastic. 7. Finally, fluff the bow to create more body.
It's amazing how much you can do with hair! My little niece would love it if I do this to her hair.
@iluvdurian Exactly what I was thinking. People get so creative with hair.
Wow who thinks of all these creative stylings? Amazing hair ♥
@AvocadoLove I bet she'll look adorable with it.
I'll need an extra hand for this...or two mirrors (for the front and back view). I'm horrible with back styling.