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Had really nice weather yesterday so decided to gear up and take advantage of the blue skies we havent had in georgia for the past 2 wks...but this is the best pic i got frm yesterdays run..tried to get a video but my little brother failed me haha practiced some slides and i loved it!! Hopefully the weather remains this way for the weekend so i can go again! What's the first trick yall learned on ur board? Please give me some ideas on what tricks i need to get down as a beginner! :)
180s, mannys both nose an tail. Id say start Ollies now so you can actually have them down one day cause they're a bitch on long decks. I honestly learned a few simple things then just started doing what feels right. It generally looks cool as long as Im not on my face.
Tiger claw and ghostride kickflip
@pangzoo10 my first trick ever learned on a longboard was a cross step. I now know a ton of variations and dancing moves. It's actually extremely relaxing. Add some tunes and that's my perfect day right there
@RichardSchafer go fast and hold it for about 20 feet, then shift your weight so your body swings back.
I mean I'm gonna work on my form and I personally don't like pendys but I needa work on them when I fix flat spots and I need to stop blasting 90
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