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Finally!!! Got some board action!
Had really nice weather yesterday so decided to gear up and take advantage of the blue skies we havent had in georgia for the past 2 wks...but this is the best pic i got frm yesterdays run..tried to get a video but my little brother failed me haha practiced some slides and i loved it!! Hopefully the weather remains this way for the weekend so i can go again! What's the first trick yall learned on ur board? Please give me some ideas on what tricks i need to get down as a beginner! :)
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Yeah just go really fast and you'll figure it out
3 years ago·Reply
@pangzoo10 my first trick ever learned on a longboard was a cross step. I now know a ton of variations and dancing moves. It's actually extremely relaxing. Add some tunes and that's my perfect day right there
3 years ago·Reply
@MattLambright u wanna dance too!! it looks really dizzy in the videos haha but i will deff give that a try soon! and agreed on the adding some tunes and its a perfect day! :) thanks!
3 years ago·Reply
@MattLambright i meant i wanna dance too not u wanna dance too haha
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