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new road/ picked up a sponsorship
found a new road the other day, this was right before my crash haha soon I'll be back up there! ..More info on my new sponsor soon
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I posted a card right after this, they are eNVe longboards @NickRadis
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And i just talked to them.. They are a really small company and don't really have riders so I figured I would ask them if they needed any riders, sent them my edit and they liked it! So they said they wanted to sponsor me @NickRadis
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Cool that sounds awesome and I've heard of them remember on Instagram you think they would take me ? @jaydenwashabaug
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not sure that would be something they would have to decide, Im sure you could tho! Stay committed and practice as hard as you can! just have to show them you are committed to the sport, and make sure you keep in mind that be sponsored isn't just about you, its also about getting the company more popular and giving them a bigger name in the long board community, promoting them so they can support you @NickRadis
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