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Here's more a of a little challenge rather than a prompt. I hope you have fun with it! January 20, 2015 Write a short paragraph on something you'd like to do in the future. Challenge: You are forbidden from using the letter E.
A Symbol, what is purpose of it? Using or not using it is too important for our minds and thoughts. without it you can think that you can not do anything, but it is a big wrong. Our mind is making that symbol, and it is putting soul into it. This is not like taking a gas (as a compound of H2O) from air and saying inhaling is still ok. This writing prompt is so funny. without using that symbol, it is too hard writing what I think, but I will do this again. thank you for your prompts @chiaroscuro but I think you want us writing about our goal or thing which is making us happy, but all in a futuristic way. but how far from now? tomorrow, week that is coming or in 2020? tomorrow, i will quit my job and will start my company, week that is coming i will swim in ocean in copacabana. in 2020 i hope i will love my child. Love with e, i can not find any word giving this spirit without e.
@dukes1 haha no! that was fantastic! I found it quite poetic too and I very much applaud that goal
I'll try this and hang it out for a bit and who knows if I can do it w out sounding out any symbol or word w which sits in proximity of W and R although may finish in an absurd understood way.. what da hay.. ha oops! I want an inspiration to switch up my aggravation to my flow and stop the show, improvising to the same song I continuously sing cut it and try to bring this thing down to a not so racy and sexual ring. jump out of this box and throw a swing toward a slightly unusual crowd and have it known that I may not stop the part that is proudly grown.. and may you too show advisory for a mind that is always w in its own, I'm highly thankful so its critically important for this and no holding back to a mind that waits and waits it's deflation of blown an torn aspiration.
@OmerTurco It was really, really hard for me, too! Good luck on your goals!
I think this is hard. How can it sound good without that small symbol? Oh, shucks. How can a small symbol do so much? I would want to link your mind with my own, and sync, to you, my goal to toss symbols, with rhythm, into strings that can sing.
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