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Daily Dose of Writing
Here's more a of a little challenge rather than a prompt. I hope you have fun with it! January 20, 2015 Write a short paragraph on something you'd like to do in the future. Challenge: You are forbidden from using the letter E.
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@OmerTurco It was really, really hard for me, too! Good luck on your goals!
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I'll try this and hang it out for a bit and who knows if I can do it w out sounding out any symbol or word w which sits in proximity of W and R although may finish in an absurd understood way.. what da hay.. ha oops! I want an inspiration to switch up my aggravation to my flow and stop the show, improvising to the same song I continuously sing cut it and try to bring this thing down to a not so racy and sexual ring. jump out of this box and throw a swing toward a slightly unusual crowd and have it known that I may not stop the part that is proudly grown.. and may you too show advisory for a mind that is always w in its own, I'm highly thankful so its critically important for this and no holding back to a mind that waits and waits it's deflation of blown an torn aspiration.
3 years ago·Reply
ah dang I put an E... uhh that was tough lol..
3 years ago·Reply
I should of left out deflation haha
3 years ago·Reply
@dukes1 haha no! that was fantastic! I found it quite poetic too and I very much applaud that goal
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