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Picked up my first long board Sponsor last night!!! They followed me on IG a while back and I decided to start talking to them about sponsorships, they messaged me and want me to ride for them!!!!!! So I told them I'd tell everyone I know about them from people I know personally to all of you guys! They are Called ENVE Longboards... Don't have a website yet but if you have an Instagram go follow them on there! @enve_boards!!!!!!! Need to try my hardest to get them more noticed if I want to keep my sponsorship so if you guys could take a look at their profile that would be awesome!!!! @enve_boards!!!!!!!!
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Also @jaydenwashabaug hmu on Instagram or something I gotta tell you the big news it's probably a little better than the sponser ship but you have to promise not to tell anyone because I was supposed to keep it low key but since you longboard and you have a certain pair of wheels I think you would like to know
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sick dude I'll message you right now! @NickRadis
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With their name I thought they were based in Nevada but nah they're in New York
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im riding for Demon. check out their stuff at demondirt.com they sell all sorts of protective gear for different gravity sports. really good stuff.
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thanks man I'm checking them out now:) I really appreciate it! @CooperBridentha
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