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First Longboard Sponsor
Picked up my first long board Sponsor last night!!! They followed me on IG a while back and I decided to start talking to them about sponsorships, they messaged me and want me to ride for them!!!!!! So I told them I'd tell everyone I know about them from people I know personally to all of you guys! They are Called ENVE Longboards... Don't have a website yet but if you have an Instagram go follow them on there! @enve_boards!!!!!!! Need to try my hardest to get them more noticed if I want to keep my sponsorship so if you guys could take a look at their profile that would be awesome!!!! @enve_boards!!!!!!!!
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Also @jaydenwashabaug hmu on Instagram or something I gotta tell you the big news it's probably a little better than the sponser ship but you have to promise not to tell anyone because I was supposed to keep it low key but since you longboard and you have a certain pair of wheels I think you would like to know
With their name I thought they were based in Nevada but nah they're in New York
im riding for Demon. check out their stuff at demondirt.com they sell all sorts of protective gear for different gravity sports. really good stuff.