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Step 1. Section into 2 sections the shortest being on front being 2-3 in. And the other section pick grab it up into a pony tail. Step 2. push your small section into one side and start french braiding grabbing hair from the small section and grabbing hair from the pony tail. Step 3. as soon as you get to the end of this small section start to turn the braid to the opposite direction so it gives it that you turn look. continue to grab hair from the pony tail. Step 4. as soon as you don't have any pony tail hair left to add to your braid. continue single braiding. Step 5. once you have finished braiding tuck braid under the pony tail and secure with bobbypins. Step 6. Add some hair spray (optional) And there you have it now its your turn good luck. Like/comment
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What is this braid called? Its really pretty!
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well its dutch braid but i made this up threw a process of messing with my mannequins hair lol!
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