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Here's two more must read books I finished this month! The first one is Unclaimed by Laurie Wetzel :) it's her first book and it was great! I give it 5 stars!!! she even lives in the same town as me and the plot resides in our town too! I couldn't put this book down! can't wait till the second book:D The second book is After The Rain by Renee carlino. This book is shorter than most books but it's a still must read! 5 stars!!! it's kind of a western meets big city kind of book. and it is a romance book! just so you know :) please give these books a chance and if you do please tell me how you liked them:)if you are interested in one and want to know, tell me! I'll let you know. :) happy readings! comment below the first book you read this year! please? :)
I want to read them, too! The first book I read this year was a re-read--some books by Sarah Dessen, lol! I can't get enough of them.
that's great @cassandratomas7 ! if you have any questions on either of them just let me know! :)
I'll read both of them :-)