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Pickled turnips are a staple in Middle Eastern kitchens. They're often thrown into salads, stacked in sandwiches and wraps, used as garnish for different dips, or simply spread out on a platter with olives and cheeses when entertaining guests. Their slight vinegar flavor and crunchy texture really upgrade a falafel wrap. I would highly recommend that, after you make these pickled turnips at home, heading over to this recipe to make yourself an incredibly delicious (and incredibly authentic) pita sandwich: http://www.vingle.net/posts/538728-How-To-Build-An-Authentic-Falafel-Sandwich-Vegan -------------------------------------------------- Turnip Pickles 4 lbs. turnips 1 beet (or red food coloring) 8 cups water 3 cups white vinegar 1 cup salt 3 hot peppers (optional) 1. Wash turnips. Peel and slice. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup salt and set for 1 hour. 2. Rinse. Drain and place in clean jars with the sliced beets (or red food coloring) and hot peppers. 3. Mix water, salt, and vinegar and bring to boil. Pour boiling mixture into jars 1" from the top. Seal jars with lids immediately.
I've seen these before but I can't remember if I had ever tasted them let alone tried MAKING them!
Agreed! @Nisfit :) I admit though that I've never tried them pickled before.
Turnips deserve to be so much more popular than they are. They taste great in so many ways!
@vegantraveler They taste a little sour, but they're definitely not pickle-level sour. They just add a nice tart contrast to your falafel sandwich!