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how I achieved this color 1.Blonde me Bleach 2. used 20 dev. 3. level 8 Toner 4. Goldwell Red 5. Ion Brilliance -purchased at Sally's.
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I only used a 20 on mine it lift super fast i used that blonde me bleach it works so well I reccomend it to everyone, It's such a fun color but lots of maintaing, Im doing an ombre Next (:
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@ohitzrissa I'm excited to watch your hair adventures on here hahahah I'm not quite as daring :)
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Well Ill be looking Forward to it as well, just keep on the lookout theirs lots more to come (:
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You should totally do a makeup tutorial too! I love your whole look its so fun!
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@peppermintt thank you (: maybe i will do so, I've always wanted to do that !
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