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A few things happen when you spend your entire day at a desk: Your back is tense, your wrists are strained, and your neck muscles are stiff. Give these moves a try and feel the instant relaxation in your upper back! 1.Eagle Wrap: Place your knees on the mat with the tops of your feet against the floor and your butt on your heels. Extend both arms straight up overhead. Then circle your right arm down and drop your left arm, cradling your left bicep in the crook of your right elbow. Twist your thumbs away from your body and bring your palms together. Then hook your thumbs, and breath into the stretch for as long as you'd like. Then reverse arms (right bicep in the crook of your left elbow) and repeat. 2. Cat and Cow: Place your hands and knees on a mat so your shoulders are stacked over your wrists and your hips are over your knees. Turn your thumbs outward until your fingertips face your toes. Exhale as you arch your back and look up toward the ceiling in cow pose. Then, inhale as you curve your spine and bring your gaze back down to complete cat pose. Continue alternating between cat and cow, holding each position for as long as you'd like. 3. Forward Bend: Stand with your feet hips-width apart and a slight bend in the knees. Bend from the waist and let your head hang. Then interlace your fingers behind your neck and gently swing your upper body in a figure-eight motion. Continue for as long as you'd like. 4. Low Lunge: Kneel on a mat and place your palms underneath your shoulders on the floor in front of you. Bring your left foot to the inside of your left hand, and press into your left heel as you lift your chest and bring both arms straight up to the sky. Keeping your hips square and arms along your ears, arch your lower back and bring your gaze upward as you continue to stretch your arms up and slightly behind you. Hold for as long as you'd like, then repeat on the other side.
You have no idea how much I needed this today. It's been a LONG day at work!
This is a great pre-bedtime routine :)
That forward bend move is amazing for your neck!
The low lunge is great for your hips. So many people forget that it's not just your back that is hurting when sitting around all day!
The eagle wrap is like a modified eagle yoga pose (without the difficult leg bit)
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