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White bread The white flour used to bake white bread has been stripped of its outer shell which strips the bread of most of its fiber content (aka the part the makes you feel full). Eating it actually spikes your insulin levels and makes you crave more! Salty snacks There's a reason why you crave something sweet after polishing off a bag of potato chips. Chips, pretzels, and salty snacks get your insulin hitting highs and lows quickly, similar to how your body reacts to sweets. Because of that, your brain immediately wants something sweet to go along with that salty treat! Alcohol Just three servings o f alcohol can slash your body's levels of leptin—the hormone made to squash hunger and keep you feeling full—by 30 percent. Take that on top of the general lack of concern for healthy eating after a night of drinking and you're in trouble! White pasta White pasta packs all of the same problems as white bread. A standard serving size of cooked pasta is just half a cup cooked, but restaurants regularly serve up four cups in a single entrée. And consider this: What are you pouring over your pasta? If it's a store-bought sauce, then it probably contains even more hunger-spiking sugar. Kids' cereals White flour with a generous dusting of table sugar, this is not the best way to start the day. Go for the full grain cereals without all that added sugar. They contain at least 5 grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Pizza You know you can't eat just one slice—no matter how big it is. That's because your favorite pizza joint's combination of white flour dough, oils, processed cheeses, and preservatives can throw off your blood sugar and make you crave more, more, MORE! That being said, if you make pizza at home with whole-wheat dough and top it with lean meat, lots of veggies, and just a sprinkling of cheese, then you'll have a fiber- and protein-packed meal :)
Can take away all those from my life, but never ever can take away my precious pizza ♥
Alcohol doesn't make me so hungry as it makes me drunk enough to consider Taco Bell.
I have a weakness for salty snacks especially synder's cheddar cheese pretzel pieces!
I read this article in the midnight and it does make me feel hungry!
@itsjamie same here!!
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