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1. Keep it consistent: If you stop running for a while, then you'll have to build your conditioning back up. So set yourself a schedule and stick to it! This doesn't mean running the same place and pace everyday, but just be sure to run somewhere, somehow consistently. 2. Learn proper form: Just like any exercise, if you aren't in the right position it just won't have the same results. When running, keep your head over your spine, relax the shoulders, and engage your abs. Bad running form is a common cause of injury. 3. Dress the part: Everyone loves cute running attire - for good reason. There's no need to invest in anything fancy, but be sure to put some thought into a good pair of shoes. They can be the difference between a good run and an injury. 4. Fuel right: Running on an empty stomach can keep you from having the right amount of energy, but eating too much can lead to cramping. So where is that middle ground?! Try peanut butter toast (one slice!) at least 15 minutes before running. 5. Drink water: Hydration, hydration, hydration! If you don't drink enough water before your run (as well as during), then chances are you'll have to stop before you'd like to because of fatigue or a cramp. 6. Have a plan: It's not all about consistency; you should also keep your body challenged. Plan on doing these new kinds of runs, but be sure to incorporate easy runs into your weekly plan as well. 7. Do more than run: Don't limit yourself to the trails or treadmills. There are many things you can do when you aren't running that can help you, like stretching after every run, strength training regularly, and getting enough sleep!
I've found it difficult to get started for a long time and then I started using the c25k app . It's like a personal trainer that help you develop your stamina and speed slowly. I'm starting to make some progress now and having a plan gives me a reason to wake up during those cold winter morning .
My problem isn't form or distance - it's just STARTING. It is so hard for me to get into a routine and sticking to it.
Switching up the routine is so important. I try to have two days of something completely different per week.
@kristenadams same here. I always feel like I can't commit to jogging even though I am on the treadmill at the gym all the time!
Another tip - have fun with it! While it might not be fun to get out of bed early in the morning for a run, remember how you body will thank you and how much your mood will improve because of it!
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