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Flat Stomach Melter with Blogilates!
As you all know, I love Cassey Ho of Blogilates so I like to share her videos here occasionally. This is one of my favorite quick and (sort of) easy fat-blasting ab routines! Woo! Cassey is great at explaining each move while being perky and encouraging to push you through the routine. Sometimes you're so busy listening to her chat that you don't even realise the burning in your muscles :) This 10-minute routine will target all the muscles in your abdomen to get the flattest, fittest tummy you can!
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Sometimes I even re-play her videos and make it a double routine just cause I think its fun hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
I am going to use this as a post-cardio workout some time this week.
3 years ago·Reply
She's so HAPPY all the time hahah Great workout!
3 years ago·Reply
You know how much I love 10 minute workouts @Nisfit!
3 years ago·Reply
I love that she's totally in pain too haha nice to know my abs arent the only ones burning!
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