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Backpacker Magazine is offering an AWESOME opportunity for two people this summer: to explore the national parks of the US! In honor of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, in 2016, they're hiring a team of two to be special national park scouts. Job description? Spend the summer with a buddy, backpacking, exploring, meeting people, and sharing your experiences through Backpacker Magazine .To repeat: you will have to go to national parks, meet people, hang out, and share the experiences online....what?! That sounds awesome! Per Backpacker’s job posting, “The ideal candidates will have proven photo and video skills. They will have at least five years of backpacking experience, or equivalent. They will be friendly. They won’t mind missing a shower or two. They won’t object to using the latest outdoor gear. They will enjoy telling stories.” So, who's applying?! You can do so here: http://www.backpacker.com/connect/best-job-ever/
@himanxk I envy you! lol
@himanxk I'm not big on the filming part I'm sure would be needed. Go for it!!
I could do this! I got that BSA cred.
@TrevorGoldley Me either lol but I think we'll see some awesome videos from it!
Man I don't think I have thek ind of experience or skills they're looking for but that wouldl be amazing!