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When it comes to holding things together, gear repairs and more, there are a lot of options out there. Which one is best? Ultimately, it comes down to what you're doing with it, what you'll be using it most often for, and what your preferences are. To help make the decision, here are some rundowns of the tape kinds, what they're best for. Knowing some basic facts should help you choose what to invest in so you're not wasting cash. Duct Tape: - doesn't work well on silnylon or regular nylon - cheaper - holds really well - leaves a residue - good if you're going to leave a permanent fix with duct tape - not good if you want to sew up the damage once you get home Gaffers Tape: - doesn't leave residue when taken off - doesn't hold as well as duct tape if it gets wet - about the same strength as duct tape otherwise Tenacious Tape: - far superior for gear repair - holds well, but leaves the least residue - $$ - great for temporary patch that will hold up well and not leave residue - precut patches really great to use on the trail and easy to pack in and out - my favorite. A great choice for when you want to extend the life of expensive gear or keep it from falling apart more before you can have it repaired. NOTE: Image is from popular mechanics, but they didn't consider the specific needs of hikers or backpackers when they ranked Gorilla Tape first followed by Duct Tape.
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I've never even though about the differences, lol! I guess I will now
(put I also haven't tried much else, so I guess that's part of why lol)
I use Gaffers personally.
I haven't had much need but I only bring duct tape with me. Call me crazy, but that's what I'm good with.