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I have seen gentrification happen all around NYC, but this was the funniest take on that I have ever seen. I especially liked :“Word, yous acting like someone put gluten in your muffin” I wil be honest, though, the end was a bit too much for me lol And, to say the least, unexpected… Personally, I do not think that “gentrification” of neighborhoods is a bad thing, as long as the people living there could continue to afford to live there. Maybe that’s just me, though. I saw what happened to my old building in Spanish harlem, and I loved it lol The whole are just looked a lot better, and safer. I just wish I could still afford to live there lol Either way, this is a great SNL skit! Any favorite lines?
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Hahaha I love the part where they're all just two-stepping to this girl with a guitar.
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