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Is that an antique you're wearing? That strumpet of pewter and diamonds? It's a Benjamin Zucker. From the BZ Family Collection. And yes, it is an antique because it's more than 50 years old. It's from the 15th Century. My God. A modest diamond surrounded by diamond-set shoulders and bezel. Careful dear, it's been sold by Les Enluminures (NYC) for an untold sum. If you're a collector, and I'm sure you're not, then check out any number of fine art dealers in London, whose specialty is in Elizabethan jewels. Pour a glass of champagne darlings, and toast to your cubic zirconia knock-off.
This reminds me of when I had to learn about Contemporary vs. Modern art. (I'm an art history student, lol.) And I think their definitions are pretty similar to Estate vs. Antique actually. These are some really really helpful terms. Thanks for sharing! I feel like I'm going to be paying more attention to them when they're used now.
Rule of thumb: Antique is 50+ years old. Estate is 20-49 years. Vintage is a catch-all for both. Old-school is a term for methodology, not meant to reference time and inanimate objects together. Bespoke is not vintage. It's merely hand-made. However, bespoke jewelry is typically done so to make the jewelry appear to be vintage in style, not the actual age of the piece. @danidee
@NixonWoman Please do! I love learning about stuff like this. :) When it comes to jewelry, I've always been more attracted to my mother and grandmother's heirloom pieces much more than anything I can find out there.
I think there is a lot of misinformation out there about what's vintage, what's estate, and what's antique. I may write something about that later. @Danidee @marshalledgar
The design looks really modern! I would have never guessed it was vintage.
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