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Walking down any street in New York City, it is common to overhear conversations happening in French, Chinese, Arabic, you name it! The American Community Survey, an annual project by the Census Bureau, measures various aspects of American life. Among other things, respondents are asked if they speak a language other than English at home. Using this data, Business Insider was able to map out New York City's most popular non-English languages. The first map shows the most commonly spoken non-English language in each NYC community district. Unsurprisingly, Spanish is dominant. While Chinese and Russian are in the running, it is clear that Spanish is the most popular. Because of this, the map is then broken down into the most commonly spoken non-English AND non-Spanish language. Suddenly my old neighborhood is a mix of Bengali and Albanian, with the area around my old office is completely Korean! This crazy mash-up of cultures is what I love most about New York City, so I hope you enjoy this info as much as I did!