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Tayang x G-Dragon - I need a girl He desires a girl Got7 - A girl desires a guy Taeyang - Wedding Dress Again he desires a girl but she's getting married to his friend, too late Taeyang :/ BTS - Just One Day If only they could be with a girl for just one day haha. Kim Hyun Joong - Be My Girl I don't know about that Kim lol. BABYMETAL - Gimme Chocolate Dare I put BabyMetal into the mix, I mean all they want is some chocolate! :) @MattK95 I don't know if I'm happy with this list... it was really hard :/ anywhos I finally did it! yes! :)
Love this list I was gonna put Wedding Dress on mine too! :)
Have you seen the facial expressions version of BTS One Day? Uff<3 lol.
Yea it's also one of my favorites. Thanks guys <3 @cassandratomas7 @danidee
@danidee Me too
That's one of my favorite BTS songs!
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