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Take this test to find out what's your style! Simply scroll through the image write down your answers. [Results] The Bombshell: Sexy is the mantra for you. You love picking pieces that show off a curvy, feminine figure is the norm. The Maverick: You have a fashion-forward mentality that keeps you experimenting with new designs and bold looks. You don't follow the pack and you love starting your own trend. The Classic: You love embracing the tradition in effortlessly chic and simple staple pieces. You also stick with things that have stood the test of time is often the key to look. The Bohemian: Your have a freespirited style and love earthy, ethnic-inspired looks. You always stay chic dressing like a modern-day flower child.
I got the classic!
I am da bombshell!
I'm the maverick! (I can't help it. I just like really bold pieces.)