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You can tell a snark a mile away when they scoff at topaz for jewelry. Especially wedding jewels. I can already hear the gasps. Since I can't be bothered to educate the masses, I will give you this one nugget, imperial blue topaz, which is quite rare, comes from an island in the Red Sea, known as Topazios. While most mined topaz is clear, the colored topaz found on the pages of catalogs are "conditioned" to transform its colorless to color. Surrounded by diamonds the blue gemstone rests on a ring of gold and looks divine as a daring piece of jewelry of its day. Brides could easily get this look customized for a price less than $2500.
JTV is a girls best kept secret lol
I try to collect as many rare and exotic gems as I can afford.
Very nice ! :-D
@NixonWoman lolol I've been reading your cards. I like them, mostly because of your dry wit. Keep it coming.
this ring is UN REAL EXCLAMATION MARK @NixonWoman
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