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For those of you that missed the State of the Union (by choice or not), you can read the speech in it's entirety on medium here (https://medium.com/@WhiteHouse/president-obamas-state-of-the-union-address-remarks-as-prepared-for-delivery-55f9825449b2) or you can watch the video on above. I recommend watching the video, because you'll get all the little moments you'd miss otherwise. (like when this happened: Obama: "I have no more campaigns to run" *republicans clap slowly* Obama: "I know, because I won both of them." *insert wink* The video is killer. You have to watch it. It's on the second slide above.) And here is, very briefly, the major points made by Obama during this year's State of the Union (compiled by a dedicated redditor, I won't take credit for this one): - lower taxes for middle class - remove tax loops for outsourcing companies - tax the super rich more - pulled out of Afghanistan - health care inflation down - stock market up - free community college - guarantee paid sick leave - reduce child care costs - more veteran jobs - made more jobs than all of Europe combined - free open internet - close GITMO - changed Cuba policy - government protection against cyber attack, - banned torture - Russia aggression has resulted in economic downturn for them thanks to US sanctions - Guaranteed equal pay for women - Improve infrastructure - Negotiate for a non-nuclear Iran - Free trade agreements - Increase minimum wage - Fuck it let's go to mars - Reduce monthly payments for student loans to reduce economic burden on students - One hell of a sick burn - Climate change national importance - LGBTQ Rights What points of the State of the Union speech stood out to you this year? I have a lot I want to talk more about but I'd like to just see what everyone is thinking about it first.
@drwhat Still, I find it enjoyable.
@greggr Yeah; we'd pretty much heard it all beforehand. @amog32 Hmmm I mean ours definitely an interesting plan. I dont know enough about it to judge either. Time to research!
I thought he made some interesting points about education, though I still cannot fully understand his plan for free community college for all.
As usual, the State of the Union was intriguing, but also, nothing really shocking.