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Is your New Year's resolution to shed a few pounds off this year? Well let me make your life easier. Weight loss can be so complex and utterly confusing because there is simply too much conflicting information out there. Here are six myths that will help you have an easier time shedding those pounds. 1. Myth: No Sweets Before Noon Research has found that participants who ate a 600-calorie, carb- and protein-rich breakfast that included dessert (such as ice cream or chocolate) lost more weight over four months than a group that ate a low-carb morning meal. Avoid calorie bombs like huge chocolate chip muffins, and opt for something like a milkshake with vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, and a little chocolate, or a banana muffin with almond butter. 2. Myth: Added Fiber Keeps You Full High-fiber foods (like fruits and veggies) take longer to digest and hold more water so they seem to fill you up and aid weight loss. The results of a study conducted by the University of Minnesota concluded that added fiber had no effect on fullness and caused more bloating than the low-fiber bars. To quell hunger, stick with foods naturally high in fiber instead of added fiber foods. Use whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. 3. Myth: Carbs Lead to Weight Gain According to a study published in April 2012, participants who ate a low-calorie diet high in whole wheat for 12 weeks lost more fat than a group that ate a low-calorie diet high in refined wheat. The whole grains are more filling and that likely participants to feel more full after eating whole wheat. Stick with the whole grain pasta. It may not taste the same as refined pasta, but at least you don't have to give it up all together. 4. Myth: You Should Only Use Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Sucralose, aspartame and stevia may be appealing choices for those who are looking to shed a pound or two. However, according to a joint study by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, the scientific evidence connecting zero-calorie sweeteners with long-term weight loss in inconclusive. You have to remember that overcompensation is a problem. Just because you skip a sugary soda at lunch doesn't mean that you can have extra at dinner. You will negate any calorie-saving benefit! 5. Myth: Add More Long Rides Cyclists are always talking about going on longer rides is always better, especially when it comes to weight loss. A study in 2012 had overweigh participants do 30 or 60 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Surprisingly, the participants who exercised less lost more weight during the 13-week study. Those who exercised longer ended up eating more throughout the day than the moderate-exercise group. In other words, the longer they exercised the more they overcompensated in food for it.
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Zero-calorie anything is never a good idea!
3 years ago·Reply
@nokcha I completely agree. I myself have tried Atkins and it was a rough time for my body.
3 years ago·Reply
So you are saying I can have dessert for breakfast. Score!
3 years ago·Reply
I have mixed feelings on #3. The problem with Atkins and full on low carb diets that people over look is once they reach their goal, they reintroduce the carbs they cut which causes the weight (plus more) to come back in a short amount of time. The correct way to lose weight through cutting carbs is to make it to a life style. lose the sugars and refined/processed foods your body does not need and live off the wonderful foods naturally gave to us! I have been on the low carb diet for a year and it did wonders. when i reached my goal I slowly reintroduced the 'good' carbs and have maintain my weight for half a year now! These are some great tips though :)
3 years ago·Reply
@TeamWaffles that's what I'm talking about :)
3 years ago·Reply