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Sometimes, a book is best read under pressure: when you want to race towards the end of it to overcome the suspense. Other times, you have no choice because the book is going to disappear. I mean, what?! James Patterson teamed up with Mother advertising agency, well known for their strange antics, to create some media coverage of his new book "Private Vegas." He is releasing 1,000 digital copies of the book, which can only be read once (the pages disappear as you flip forward) and will disappear after 24 hours. And, he is selling 1 super special copy of the book (for a crazy $294,03) that self-destructs when you finish it. I'm not sure how it does that (does it burn?) but this package does also include a five-course meal with the author and a private trip. This might (probably is) the first self-destructing book. The real book will come out a few days later, but it's an interesting change on traditional publishing. Do you want to give it a read?
@timeturnerjones @greggr Ugh I was hoping it'd be way different than that lol.
@greggr I've found out more (finally). Apparently, you get to watch a Swat team destroy it? I'm confused, too.
How exactly does the book self-destruct? I'm so curious.