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My Favorite Supporting Character Couples
1. Yi Jung + Ga Eul (Boys Over Flowers) I love that Ga Eul has some self respect and isn't totally overwhelmed by the fact that Yi Jung is gorgeous. She stays true to herself (though she is self conscious at times) and they make a really great couple in the end! 2. Yoonjae + Joonhee (Reply 1997) This was the storyline that made me really love Reply 1997. They didn't stereotype Joonhee or make his sexuality a big deal, it was a simple as any other K-drama love line. They did a great job with this entire drama! 3. Hyunsoo + Yerim (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) It doesn't help that Myungsoo is one of my favorite idols ever, but on top of that Yerim is an AWESOME female character who is bossy and strong and great while Hyunsoo is a dork who is super nervous around girls.
Seriously. Yi Jung + Ga Eul forever.
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Shut Up! Flower Boy Band is soooo under appreciated!
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@kpopandkimchi Yeah it is
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woww the cutest couple ever lived
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