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(⌒▽⌒) I spent a lot of time looking up lyrics for this playlist!! XD lol Thankyou @nenegrint14 for this challenging playlist theme!!! :) In no particular order!!!! 1. Ring Ma Bell - Two X 2. Boy In Luv - BTS 3. Give It To Me - SISTAR 4. Don't Leave - Xia Junsu 5. Rewind - Zhou Mi ft. Chanyeol or Tao 6. Hush - Miss A 7. 200% - Akdong Musician 8. Stay With Me - Taeyang ft. G-Dragon 9. Ugly - 2NE1 10. Wedding Dress - Taeyang I hope you liked it!!! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! ( I do not own these videos) Sorry this took so long I had playlist block! I really couldn't think of anything! If the videos don't play you might have to look them up yourself! (If you want to of course)! ;) @MattK95 @nenegrint14 <3
perfect I envy u all for all ur perfect lists. I enjoyed alot list to every list
@nenegrint14 @MattK95 @cassandratomas7 @christy thanks everyone!!! <3 <3 <3
Liked your playlist ^^
Great job sis!!! :)
yay!! I'm excited to check these out
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