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oh leathers.. i need you so much lol

Kinda expensive but probably worth it haha I'd be so scared to rip them bad sooner or later and have to replace them haha I'd probably wear thin knee and elbow pads over the suit lmao
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@JaydenWashabaug dude you ride fast enough to defo warrant getting them. It's all safety buddy
Lol oh you guys(; @JaydenWashabaug your lucky @crazyheart stepped in, your lady doesnt stand a chance(; ha ok we got equal blows in, we are done were done lol
haha @crazyheart darnnnn okayyy haha
@IsaacPaulR @JaydenWashabaug now now children. Play nice lol
hmmmm well... either you have bad eyesight or I'm gonna have to come kick your ass for that lmfaoXD naw dude I'm kidding haha idk whatyour girl looks like but I'm sure she's pretty too lol @IsaacPaulR
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