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Hey guys! So, I recently had an idea to start a sort of "Love Advice with @ChristinaBryce" advice column! People can send questions, concerns, stories and more to me (through message, I promise to keep your ID private!) and then I'll post the question, along with my advice to a card, and then open it up to other people to give their advice, too! The goal here, of course, is to give advice about love to those who need it :) I hope you all like the idea! I mentioned it to the Love and Relationship Community Moderator @kristenadams and she said she'd love to see if people like it, so I'm gonna give it a go. I'll be posting the first card shortly; please join in and share your experiences and advice!
Thanks for starting this @ChristinaBryce! Especially with Valentine's Day coming up I'm sure people will need a lot of love advice hahah Looking forward to it~
@danidee I hope you keep giving advice, I loved your first bit!
Awesome idea @ChristinaBryce :) I'll definitely comment my advice, too!
This is awesome!