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Listed in 2008 at one of America's most endangered historic places, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is destination numero uno for all things elite. Pope John Paul II's first visit to Miami. The first spot on the touring "Summit of the Americas." 34 global leaders entered into and signed the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" here. Your wedding is also just as epic ladies. If you're wedding is important to you, and hell, it better be with venue costs upwards of $1 million dollars, then you should partner with a location expert to get you the best rate for booking Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Yes, they charge, but the benefits of discounted pricing (and sometimes expedited booking--shhh--don't tell), they will help you. Please, my dears, spend your money wisely. Like on premium liquor at the reception. I haven't checked, but last I heard, the waiting list was three years. Getting your wedding event here is worth it. While many, (and I mean 99%), of tropical outdoor venues attempt to copy and paste their ideas of Venetian, Baroque, and Mediterranean, Vizcaya is more authentic than a Goetz-Skowics. And if you don't know what a Goetz-Skowics is then perhaps a party store with SpongeBob would be the modern elegance you're looking for.
Vizcaya is just one of those places that, until you go, you never really appreciate how special it is. You should go next time you are in Miami.
The 2nd picture is just one of my favorite table designs. I like the simplicity of the table flowers juxtaposed with the towers. And none of it seems over-the-top. Very classy.