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Q (received not really for this collection, but she said I could share anyways!): My ex boyfriend and I are both pretty young (still in high school, graduating in 1/2 a year). We dated for 2 years but recently broke up because things were just off. I hope that we can get back together after we graduate and and are more mature, maybe more ready for a relationship? I really think we're meant to be together! Can something like this work? What if he done something in the time apart which I could not forgive? What if us breaking up is a sign? My answer: #1: If you think you're meant to be, and you still feel that way when you're a little more mature, then go for it! Part of that, though, isn't just sitting around and waiting for each other! Part of being mature in a relationship is knowing what you want and don't want, and to know that, you might need to date other people! During that time, you might discover someone that you like even more, but you might also learn to appreciate your ex more than you did. It’s definitely possible to get back together whether or not either of you date other people as long as you both want to. If you're worried about him doing something you can't forgive, set up rules for this break! Are you really free to date other people? Are you allowed to get mad about that? Etc.! I wouldn't say it's a sign you aren't meant to be. Like anything else, love is confusing! I think in this situation it’s best for you to not think of this as a sign since it was of both of your own free will that you are taking a break, not any other circumstance causing it. Good luck! If anyone else has advice, please share it in the comments :) If you're looking for advice, send me your question and I'll upload a card, soon!
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this happen to me, my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now but like 6 months ago we broke up and did stupid stuff with both regret but being a part did help us ALOT.... now we are better than ever and we love each other so much. True love forgives everything and never dies..... Good luck, any advice you need just talk to me. xo
Great advice all of you!!! I hope the author of the question is getting all of this :) I've sent the link to her so she hears all the advice :)
Look at Prince William and Princess Kate. They broke up for a little while and then got back together. Now they're married with baby George and another on the way.
no they need u u don't need them happiness come from the person to from others
fuck that, nothing should break yall up . be successful together!