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Emergency Valentine's Day App!! For all of you who suffer from relatives and friends that won't stop asking you about who you are 'seeing' and when they'll be seeing grandchildren - help is here! An Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend app launched today in order to save you lonely singles out there. They'll provide evidence to your friends and family to "prove" there is a special someone in your life. It costs $24.99 to sign up and you get 100 texts, 10 voicemails and one handwritten note. They'll also send you crowd-sourced selfies. How could this go wrong?! At this stage the app is only available in the US and Canada the company is already planning its expansion (so don't worry if you're lonely in another part of the world!). Soon, Her will look more like a documentary than a whimsical interpretation of the future. PS: If you're not tech-savvy you can always pull a Jan Brady and go with the classic 'George Glass' story :) Check it out here Boyfriend: Girlfriend:
Oh my god just get a best friend and makke them do this for free, lol!!! I can't imagine how this would make you feel better in the long run.....
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I always used to just give them my dad's cellphone number when they asked me for mine. Whoops.
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