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Curious of what your celebrity's beauty staple is? Here's a list of stars that looks flawless whether they are spotted on the street or the runway. Learn what their favorite makeup staple is. Miranda Kerr According to her interview for Vogue, she has a low maintenance morning. A tinted moisturizer which has a natural SPF is what she needs for a radiant complexion. Selena Gomez she loves using a light coat of SPF lotion as a primer before applying makeup. Taylor Swift It's all about the lips for her and you all probably know her favorite is a red lipstick. That's her go-to beauty product even on lazy days. Beyoncé Her makeup staple is eyeliner for well-defined eyes. Blake Lively She's know of her no-makeup look. Her go-to is a primer right after moisturizing, then cover any imperfections with a thin concealer.
@alise My must-have would probably be eyeliner too. Eyeliner or at least the very least, some tinted moisturizer. My skin is all sorts of combination so I like to be able to cover up some of the discoloration going on.
My must-have is also eyeliner! I feel bare without it.
SPF is so important :) and I agree @danidee lol
I fail to believe Blake Lively has imperfections.
Tinted moisturizer is always my beauty favorite. Especially one with SPF protection! I hate putting on sunscreen.