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Bike Rumor spotted the AG2R team testing the SRAM wireless groupo prototype just before the Tour Down Under kicked off. There are at least 4 team members that will be running the wireless system in this World Tour. They speculated on the battery charging, but now we’re all but certain the batteries will simply be removed to charge, likely in some sort of docking station. Comparing the images above and below of front and rear mechs, the batteries appear identical, suggesting they’re interchangeable.
@troygreene84 That's a great question, really no idea. We shall see how they deal with that if this turns out to be a success for sram
I have never used SRAM but a lot of people seem to enjoy it. I would love to give this a shot though!
Wireless is going to look great! What are they going to do with internal routing holes now though? Plug it up?