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As much as I love cosplaying, I have one big weakness: I'm horrible at posing! Really, I'm not just being modest. Unless I'm going a group shot that's really posed, I don't know what to do with my face, my hands, my eyes, etc. etc.... Thankfully, my wonderful friend Ken (@yenra) who is usually the photographer for most things I do is great at helping people to find the light, and find the poses that work for them! I still struggle with it, but I'm getting better! Anyways, I've come to find that videos like this one are great for helping beginners learn to pose for cosplay pictures. If you're having your first photoshoot, or just anticipating a lot of photographs while walking around a convention, this is a great video to start learning from!
@amog32 agreed. I just need "how to not pose cheesily" lessons lol
@vulpix I'll have to ask him :)
Does your photographer friend have any other tips? @yenra @hikaymm
It's great that she's a photographer giving these tips, lol! I don't think anyone else could give them as well, considering its THEM who do alllllll the picture taking~!
I think these lessons should be given to anyone trying to take a nice photo; that cheesy no eye smile isn't working for anyone.