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Hotel Viceroy is not for everyone. It's like a bottle of Montrechet, 1978--you don't just crack it open and imbibe because, hell, it's New Year's Eve. Yes, my dear, your wedding is oh so precious, but if you plan to tromp your nuptials at the Viceroy, then you'd better have some modern sophistication about you because this isn't the place for the brash or the dregs of society. Of course, the Viceroy is too classy to mock its patrons. Spare me from ever having to discover my lovely Viceroy was transformed into a Wal-mart themed wedding. The Viceroy's outdoor space and rooftop make it an ideal choice for the 20-something jet-set type. Pastel chandeliers. Matte leathers in earthy blues. Painterly skies at dusk. I can count on five fingers hot Miami hotels for those who long to escape the minutae of life. Hotel Viceroy is one of them. If you've never been, check them out. Their latest WeddingWire venue score was rated 4.7 out of 5. That's remarkable.
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WOW! @NixonWoman The color combination of the yellow and gray-green in the first picture is so imaginative. I really like how those colors go so well together.