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Waffled Quesadilla
Quesadillas are delicious but sometimes it takes too much effort to get the perfect grill. I'm also horrible at flipping the sides. When I want a immediate cheese and tortilla fix, I bust out my waffle iron and make things happen. Simply grill your veggies for a minute or two. Lightly butter your waffle iron, toss a tortilla on it, sprinkle on your ingredients (+ cheese), top on a second tortilla, and cover the lid. Tada! Say hello to your perfectly grilled quesadilla.
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I love all of the veggies inside of this one. Whoever made that quesadilla is my kind of person.
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That last picture is amazing, with all that cheese oozing! Yum!
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I was debating if I should buy a waffle machine (costly, you know), but now, I am getting it for sure!
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