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Written for the prompt of @chiaroscuro: ................ Candidate A (existing president): It's enough. Our people deserve this. We are the biggest and most powerful country in this world and we couldn't have provided free internet for our people like other small European countries. We need to share our technology and reserves with our people. This is one of the human rights. You can not prevent this, and we will not let you do. Candidate B: Mr. President, your words are more wisdom than your thoughts. Our people know what you want from this free internet. This is not only about internet. During your campaign you are talking about Free WIFI for all. According to our investigations, you are planning to use each cellphone as a wifi point and will give free internet to people. However, do you think that our people are stupid. Do not they understand your plans? This is the legalization of tracking people, our own people. This is enough. For 3 terms, people of this country are tracked by your secret service agents illegally. We all remember that day. It is impossible to forget the destruction of Philadelphia. It is impossible to forget about lost 2 million lifes. But this is not a reason to track, to investigate, to prison anyone in anytime you want without being questioned. We are the voice of all who are afraid to talk because of your unnecessary and irrational policies. Candidate A: Mr. Candidate, all of these disasters had happened in this country because of people like you. We also care about the private lifes of our people. And I am declaring again here that non of the public agencies will keep any records of normal people. But if we find a treat agains the innocent people, we will do whatever we can to protect them. Neither you, nor those terrorist countries will prevent this. Candidate B: Mr. President, I wish I could believe in you. But, I am remembering that day when you opened those prisons again in Guantanamo. You have told people that was all for their security. But don't you think, other people in this world desires freedom and security, too. We are not ruling this world, and we are not the only country who is fighting against terrorism. During your presidency, all Middle East is isolated from rest of the world. Nearly 500 million people is suffering just because of your personal ambitions. Candidate A: Here, I am not talking about my ambitions, but about my dreams for my lovely people. They deserve more that I can provide. I remember a statement of my dad, and that ruled all my life. He told me "Son do whatever you want, but do it for the sake of the peace and welfare of your people." Candidade B: Sorry Mr. President, but we all remember your father. We all remember how he brought war to our lands. So, please let's go back to our topic. I have one more question. Is it true that you will give the tender of free WIFI chips to the company of your cousin? Candidate A: If so, what? They are one of the biggest national companies.I believe that he will do this with full nationality in his heart. . . . . .
@OmerTurco I really enjoyed this as well! It felt like what candidates might really say, though I feel Candidate A might have tried to hide the facts about his cousin, and that he has promised false things before, a bit more! Still, very believable. One request: would you might adding a title to the card? I had a hard time clicking it because there was no title!
Ah! Definitely fun to read! I love how you sort of created 'past' events and worked that into the debate.
I studied Political Science and this is really getting longer and being more boring. Maybe one day I can continue