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Two secret CIA agents, were sent to Istanbul for a secret mission. They have been expected to act like an American couple and create a life there. when the time comes, they would be informed about their mission details. This was the most secret mission of CIA history. Only 3 people know about this mission. These 2 agents were the newbies and were perfect for this mission, because non of the other secret services knew their faces. But, after the syberattacts on November 18, 2018 all CIA files were gone. 2 of the 3 person who knows about our secret agents were in jail because of helping those syberattacts and the last one died because of a heart attack during the syberattacts. Therefore there is no one left, who is going to remember and call them back. Our agentsreceived an order. Get used to the culture of local people, create a simple life and wait for orders, never try to contact, because all the secret agencies have thousands of secret agents in Istanbul, capital of the history. So, they should be more careful. ............. Lidia, 1.70, natural curly blonde, funny, vigorous, Martial Arts master, dangerous, but not as much as her beauty. Nick, 1.75, natural curly brown hair, demure, handsome, nuclear weapons specialist. They remember each other from CIA Secret Youth Camp.From the first moment they saw each other, they loved each other. They saw each other so many times in different trainings. Once, Lidoa saved Nick's live, and this strengthened the feelings between them. But, of course no one knows about this. But, the universe brought them back together in this mission.
@OmerTurco That should be interesting indeed! I never remember my nightmares long enough to write about them; I envy your ability to do so.
Ohhhh what a cool concept. Imagine the breakdown in protocol that would be needed to cause this
@greggr it is 3am here and i just woke up bec of a nightmare. there was a burglar in my home and i was facing with him. i think i know what will i write tomorrow, hahaha
@OmerTurco Great! I look forward to it.
@greggr i just started writing this, i will continue the story. i saved here to force my self to finish and continue it
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