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I believe none of us are the unlucky ones. There is a time for everything. We are all loving childrens created by God. Some have the hardships earlier some later but life teaches us all to never give up, to be passionate, loving, caring, strong and be nice and Kind to everyone. We are all facing our own trials noone has it easy. But Luck comes to us all in its own separate, best and surprising ways.
Great points to convey to everyone: no one of us is less lucky than another, we just all have different situations. If everyone remembered this, we would be better off.
@sherrysahar this is nice. we are all lucky to have the chance being in this world in this huge universe. we are lucky because we are kne of the competitive sperms. we are lucky because we can you said, we just need to do good things and then the good things will find us. just make all creatures happy to be happy. I hope you will be the happiest person jn this world, so you can share a little bit of your happiness with us.
@OmerTurco thanks for your comment and I hope the same for you as well well my happiness has a lot to do with me cherishing and appreciating any little things that we tend to ignore like a text from your friend your family worrying protecting you guiding just a smile or someone cooking your favorite dish chocolates praying all this makes me happy and makes my worries go away for a bit and definitely we should find happiness in anything we can and share it with other and learn from the surprises llife and our luck throughs at us. Thanks. :-)