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These things are great for repairing damaged noses and not just protecting them. They can be glued with epoxy then clamped on till dry then screwed
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@RichardSchafer the second one bro is ideal for a drop through
@crazyheart do they sell these in England ??
@GaryCampbell the second two pics are the ones for specific landyachtz models but they make them for pretty much any board I think. Think there will be a uk supplier. Newtons-shred mite have them or something similar matey
@crazyheart yeah like the front of my board has been curbed so many times I'm surprised I haven't destroyed it yet.
@RichardSchafer if you want to do a proper permanent mend then get the one in the second pic and glue and clamp it on and leave it for like 2 days so the glue has set properly bolt your trucks back on and your good to go. Be more solid than it was in the first place. Remember to wipe away any excess glue that seeps out while it's wet and make sure none gets in the mounting holes