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Some may prefer to become absorbed with anything else other than boards. You may love to hike, have a passion for bikes (or even one of those weird downhilling trike-bikes)... But when you step on a longboard, your heart does take flight. It's not immediately filled with tricks focused on pop-height, its not all just about sliding to the left or the right... Sometimes, all it is, be a cruise in the night. You who have boarded, probably know the longboarder's plight: "hey man! do a trick, oh wait, you can't.. right?". I'll just ask you the same, as you walk, and I slide down a slight. Wobbling's not the enemy, though it is at quick sight; it is simply another beast, for you to prove your might. Hold dear your longboard, your friends and your dinosaur. Never lose your dinosaur.
Beautifully put.
Pssh I don't know about you guys but when someone tells me to do a trick I tiger claw their ass
@steezus I never said we couldn't! Was only representing the average Joe
hit me. hit me rigth here ❤
feeling the love!!