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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was a monster flagship, except we’ve been able to put together everything you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6, and it’s shaping up to be the most amazing phone we’ve ever heard of. http://bit.ly/1EsNFaG
What does the processor do that makes such a difference. what does this mean in laymen terms. I appreciate your input. you should develop your own tech magazine. you give GREAT insights into new gadgets.
because I have an samsung galaxy im in love with the samsung company
It certainly appears to be, from a spec perspective. I want to see the actual announcement for the North American version. They've had octacore processors in overseas Samsung smartphones for the past 2 years, but the American version never gets it. This would be a first.
Thanks Dan. I'm waiting for this one. is this better than the Note 4?
I love the design @DanWest, do you know when that announcement will come?